Your one-stop shop for wood
flooring design and installation

Whether you’re looking for new inspiration, trying to bring a distinct vision to life, or searching for the tools you need to simplify installation, Seacoast Floor Supply is proud to be your partner. With a trusted team of suppliers offering the highest quality products, our goal is to provide you with wood flooring that offers comfort, longevity, and a look homeowners will love.

Flooring that never goes out of style.

The seacoast of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine have wood flooring in homes that date back over 300 years – and they’ve never lost their appeal. With a virtually endless range of options, wood flooring allows you to find the right match for your distinct style, whether you want bold colors or a classic look.

Here’s what sets SFS wood flooring apart:

  • Classic to Cutting Edge Style – Wood flooring suits several types of homes, ranging from modern to traditional stylings. Unlike other flooring options that age out of fashion, wood flooring is always on-trend.
  • Variety of Selection – In addition to a wide range of selections, the color of your wood flooring can also be changed upon sanding, so you can get exactly the look you love.
  • Expert Advice – We put our decades of experience to use helping you select the right products, so you have flooring that will stand the test of time.
  • Environmentally Conscious – SFS has hand-picked suppliers that practice ethical logging, many of whom have FSC Forest Management certifications.


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