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When Quality Still Matters

Our high-quality flooring products are provided to our customers with two things in mind: longevity and performance.

Wood flooring is the only timeless product in the floor-covering lineup. The seacoast of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine have wood flooring in homes that date back over 300 years. We at SFS look at wood as the green option that never goes out of style. Carpet will get dingy after 10 years, vinyl and tile will go out of style on colors after about 10 years, and all three will end up in our landfills. Wood can be sanded forever, and color changes can be made upon each sanding, after roughly 15 to 20 years. SFS does business with companies that practice ethical logging, and some have FSC certifications.

Advantages to Wood

  • Timeless (never goes out of style)
  • Color can be changed upon sanding
  • Maintains clean air: perfect for people with asthma or breathing issues, unlike carpet, which holds mold and dust mites
  • Maintainable: floors can be buffed and coated as needed to avoid a future sanding
  • Inexpensive: the product is purchased only once, and after that it’s maintained or sanded forever
  • Never removed and thrown into the landfill, unless it is water damaged


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